Healthy Relationships and Exceptional Prenatal Care, Matters.

Knowing you’re pregnant is such a wonderful feeling an you can’t wait until 9 months has come and gone so you can hold your precious bundle of joy in your arm an never put them down. We are so excited for you, but starting out the right way is important as well, with proper prenatal care. Let us help you on this wonderful journey.

How Can We Help.

Birth & Postpartum Support

We prepare our clients for the birth of their unborn child, thru postpartum.

Advocacy Support

Sometimes our relationships aren’t what they seem to be, an we need a little bit of help.

Speaking Engagements

Does your group or organization want a little more information on IPV, & Sexual Assault?

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Who Are We

This is Our Passion

What makes us special is because we take pleasure in making sure everyday we are able to help some woman start a family or extend her family. Life is about enjoying every single moment and being pregnant should be the icing on the cake because you have been giving the most powerful job ever. We want to help you enjoy your pregnancy, happy and healthy.

Proud To Be Local

We are so proud to be able to help women in the Houston and surrounding counties bring new life into the world, while living their best life.


Thank you for the time you spent with me at my appointments, also when I had to go to the emergency room.


Thank you for all of the services you provide, even the tough one’s that we don’t want to deal with.

Thank You

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Are you a company that is compassionate about collaborating to make maternal healthcare better more transparent and affordable, combat domestic violence among our youth and young adults. We would love to talk to you. Contact us and let’s have some coffee an talk.

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