Why Did My Hello, Have To Be Misunderstood.

This is a message I never thought I would have to post because I thought I knew the signs what to look for and everything in between because I’m a victim advocate but listen to this story. You wake up one morning going to the gas station to fill your car up your happy smiley and just grateful to be alive, other customers pull up to fill their car up with gas to get prepared for the week ahead when suddenly a older man approaches you and says good morning how are you doing? and being courteous you reply wonderful how are you doing? You think nothing of it. So your getting ready to leave so you say have a blessed day to end the conversation. You proceed to the grocery store to finish getting prepared for the upcoming week, getting bread, cookies, tissue and then milk when all of a sudden you see the same guy from the gas center coming towards you without a basket and your wondering I know this guy can’t be following me so you make a uturn and he follows you now you’re getting nervous because your saying I don’t know him, all I said was hi and he’s old enough to be my dad why is he following me. He then comes up on you and says “Hi, I just want to let you know if your not married I am interested” you suddenly placed your hand up between you to and move back and he places his hand on your shoulder and you get creeped out and say uh ok.

Now I ask you is it ok to violate someone space because they were being polite and saying hi? Is it ok to follow someone you don’t know around a store creating fear when they didn’t give you any indication that they were interested in you?

Women it is a shame that we have to be careful about saying hi to someone for fear that they may attack us later or even becomes a victim of stalking or violence. When I left the grocery store I felt totally different than I did several hours earlier.