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Maternal Health

Healthy Relationships and Exceptional Prenatal Care.

Our goal is to simply help you get prepared for welcoming your new bundle of joy home by providing non-medical support, emotional support, nutritional support, advocacy when needed and educational information pertaining to a healthy pregnancy.

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Family Planning & Prenatal

We prepare our clients for the birth of their unborn child, thru family planning, assistance with locating healthcare professionals you feel comfortable with, helping you select how you want to give birth either in hospital, home are birthing center. attending prenatal visits, educational, emotional and nutritional support. If something doesn’t seem right we successfully help you search for a new doctor, Our services are cross coordinated with your caring healthcare provider.

Postpartum Assistance Program

Postpartum care is particularly important for the mom and her new baby, your body will start to experience several different changes. We will provide you with a postpartum gift box to help assist you in getting your body back to normal. The goal is to get you back to feeling your best for your baby and yourself.

Mommy Well-Being

Mommy Well-Being is our way of extending postpartum care to our clients who may need additional assistance. Postpartum coverage for some insurance coverage last 2 months after you deliver. Working with pregnant women I know that’s not adequate for some women, that’s why we will provide our clients with 24 weeks of assistance in making sure you receive educational information, postpartum advocacy, and local resources for mental health, family violence and parenting skills. We are here to help with your transitional period.

Learn More About Our Exciting Prenatal Program, Also Ask About Our Exceptional Birthing Gift.