Bundle of Joy Birthing Support

What is Bundle of Joy Program? Pregnancy is a wonderful time for so many people, we’re excited that we’re getting ready to either start a new chapter in our live’s as new parents or we’re getting ready to add a new member to our family tree. Bundle of Joy is just that, it’s a combination of several services all catered around making sure that you and your new baby are happy and healthy. Our goal is to simply help you get prepared for welcoming your new bundle of joy, by providing non-medical support, emotional support, advocacy when needed and educational information pertaining to a healthy pregnancy.

Healthy Relationships and Exceptional Prenatal Care, Matters.

Knowing you’re pregnant is such a wonderful feeling an you can’t wait until 9 months has come and gone so you can hold your precious bundle of joy in your arm an never put them down. We are so excited for you, but starting out the right way is important as well, with proper prenatal care. Let us help you on this wonderful journey.

Take a Look at What We Offer.


We prepare our clients for the birth of their unborn child, thru emotional support, education and assistance with primary care provider.

  • Attending prenatal visits*
  • Coordinating your care across all of your providers
  • What to expect, when expecting.
  • Research Minor Issues*
  • Delivery & Pain Management


Postpartum support is very important for women and men alike, Our goal is to help you transition into a new routine with your new bundle of joy

  • Postpartum appointments
  • Emotional support (baby blues, anxiety)
  • Meal creation
  • Light house cleaning & run errands
  • Provide postpartum pack

Sweet Extras

Being pregnant shouldn’t just be about doctors appointments and eating right. We provide you with additional options to make your pregnancy fabulous. 

  • Couples Classes (Lamaze, Parenting, Yoga)
  • Baby Shower & Nursery Design
  • Custom Baby Birth Announcement
  • Family Experience Assistance
  • Curated Gifting
  • Social Gathering

Contact us for a complete list of services.

Your pregnancy advocate works closely with you and your prenatal care provider to satisfy your needs during your pregnancy and after if needed. If you have to go to the hospital during your pregnancy, a pregnancy care advocate will come *visit you during or after your stay, and contact you once your released from the hospital. It’s that extra that really counts.

Congratulations,We’re so excited about your pregnancy we can’t wait to meet you.