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Uninsured Rates Increase Mostly Among Women,Young Adults and The Low-Income.

What The World Needs Now Is Love, Won’t You Help Today?

Along the way I’ve met some friends who shared my desire to help others without being compensated, an even though we’re not a nonprofit company we provide some of our services for free, to those who normally wouldn’t be able to afford our services. If you feel lead to donate to such a wonderful and worthy cause please donate and help us to continue to provide low cost services and advocacy to women, men and children who are victims of poor maternal healthcare, domestic violence and lack of mental health resources. Again, we truly thank you and will be good stewards with the gift your giving.


Provide assistance to good healthcare, information to provide affordable are low cost immunization and preventive healthcare.


Provide maternal healthcare assistance to so many women who needs someone to advocate on their behalf for proper prenatal care and postpartum.

Mental Health

Mental health is something we don’t really talk that much about, but is needed so often in every community, help provide assistance to low cost mental health counseling.

Please Help Those Who Need a Hand up, Not a Handout. Thank you

I believe doing good should be something that we strive to deliver everyday. So first let’s start with making sure that individuals that want and need healthcare can afford it, as well as utilize it. We all win in the end.

The Milford Group, President/CEO

Let’s make something beautiful together. Donate Today