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Concierge Healthcare Has It’s Advantages

Access to comprehensive,quality health care services is important for promoting and maintaining health, knowing that someone is advocating for the best doctors, finding you additional services for you to live a healthier more vibrant life is exceptional concierge healthcare.

What is a Healthcare Advocate and What Can They Offer?

A private advocate focuses on that client who needs his or her assistance. They are not employed by the hospital, insurance company are any other agency. They work solely for you to protect your interest and provide adequate healthcare information that will benefit your interest.

How can we benefit you?

  • Better communication and coordination across all of your healthcare providers
  • Coordinate all of your medical appointments
  • Someone always looking out for healthcare advantages
  • Assist with end of life preparations
  • Locate needed vaccines and clinical trials
  • Visits and advocates for your health in the hospital
  • Manage transition from hospital to rehab are other facilities
  • Assist with getting medical approval
  • Negotiate are reduce medical bill

Healthcare Advocate

Helping you navigate your insurance plan, locate specific specialty doctors, setup healthcare appointment, coordinate with your other providers, post-discharge followups, medication reminders, healthcare visits.


Requesting and looking into your healthcare needs, second opinion request, low cost prescription resources, locating vaccines on your behalf, clinical trial research, chronic care specialist locator.


Wellness check followups, nutritionist appointments, health and wellness meetings, recipes, healthy resources, chronic care management.

I never knew that I had a right to certain services until you took a look at my healthcare plan and helped me get the services that I needed and was entitled to.

Thank you


Always a Step Ahead Helping You To Live A Better, More Healthier Life.