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You contact us, we ask you a few questions to see if we’re a good fit for you and your health goals through one of our navigation plans. Next……….

We are here to navigate you in the right direction with preventive healthcare solutions,mental health providers, low cost prescriptions, billing issues, discharge planning followups, chronic care and covid-19 updates and much more.

Lastly, We want you to relax. Continue living and we will handle the rest. That’s what we do help you Navigate In The Right Direction.

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“The Milford Group, Our goal is to provide awareness, prevention and healthy solutions when it comes to living a happy and healthy life. Advocating for our clients on matters of healthcare, maternal and mental health.” CEO, The Milford Group

An advocate is not just for doctor visits or hospital stays. “You can discuss new health issues with that person—for instance, ask if he or she thinks a treatment is working,” advises Burton. “If you’ve got two people on the same page of an issue, it’s helpful. The patient doesn’t have to agonize about doing it alone.” That’s particularly important for seniors who may live alone.  

An advocate can also help doctors educate you about your condition, says Burton. “Our goal is to help people fundamentally manage their own chronic illness,” he says, such as how to deal with hypertension or avoid falls. “It’s education, so two people taking notes or listening to the discussion is a real advantage.” (John Hopkins Medicine)

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