U. S needs to follow New Zealand lead with miscarriage reform.

When a woman has a miscarriage it is a very traumatic experience and different women express themselves different ways, but never the less it’s very painful. I truly applaud New Zealand for caring enough about their women to now give them time off if needed for miscarriages. This is a piece of their law.

This is why New Zealand’s soon-to-be-law entitling anyone who loses a baby at any point during pregnancy to three days’ paid bereavement leave is so important – and necessary.

It sends a powerful message: that miscarriage matters. That the loss of a pregnancy is worthy of time off, however far along you were. That it is not ‘just a heavy period’ or ‘just a bunch of cells’, or any of the other ‘justs’ that cling to this subject. It’s a grief that cannot be measured by the number of weeks’ gestation.

A miscarriage turns you inside out. It’s painful and it’s lonely – you are, after all, grieving for someone who may only have existed for you and your partner. If your interested in reading the full story visit https://graziadaily.co.uk/life/in-the-news/miscarriage-leave-matters/

If you need assistance you can contact us at hello@themilfordgroup.org and we can help you find someone to talk to you. Are if it an emergency call 911 are you can contact SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (4357)


Concierge Healthcare Has It’s Perks. We’re Here For You!

Healthcare/Reducing Medical Errors

TMG’s goal is to make sure our clients stay healthy while making sure they attend all medical appointments. We also know that medical errors can happen. our goal is to help reduce medical errors which is a leading cause of most deaths.

Becoming More Informed

Healthcare education is very important in staying healthy, we know that knowledge is power so our objective is to provide our clients with information and avenues to accurate information that will help them continue a healthy lifestyle.

Taking care of yourself is so important, because we know so many people count on you to stay healthy.

TMGroup CEO.

Cancer/Chronic Care Navigation

There When You Need Us The Most.

Life is so unpredictable, that we never know what tomorrow will bring. Most insurance come with insurance that covers a cancer are chronic diagnosis, but wouldn’t it be great if you had something additional that’s personal and designed to help you every step of the way.

How We Can Help?

  • Locate Specialty Doctors
  • Clinical Trial Locator
  • Chronic Care Navigator
  • Custom Get Well Gift
  • Support Group Locator
  • Plus Much More…..

We know it is never easy to deal with a chronic illness that’s why we are here with you every step of the way.


You Deserve A Healthy Birthing Outcome.

We Want You To Get Excited About Your Pregnancy.

Everyone deserves to get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. Sometimes that’s not always the case. We want to make sure your pregnancy is as healthy as possible.

We can help guide you through this process in a safe and healthy way.

  • Pregnancy Planning
  • Monitoring Prenatal Visits
  • Doula Support & Postpartum Advocacy
  • Doctor Background Checks
  • plus much more…..,,

We are here to help assist you in having a positive birth outcome. Contact us when your ready.


Why Concierge Healthcare Advocacy Is Beneficial To Employee’s and Employers.

Fighting For The Healthcare Your Employees Deserve.

We Work For You, No One Else.

Consumers are spending more and get lower-quality healthcare results.

If your that person that feels like when you go to your doctor’s appointment it’s rush like you’re cattle and they are moving the herd out as fast as possible. Well great news! That’s what’s great about concierge healthcare advocacy, you’re made a priority and your doctor has to give you what you pay for. Time. This is a excerpt of a article I read talking about concierge healthcare.

Consumers are no match for a healthcare system that can seem complex, inefficient, and expensive, and the employers offering their health insurance often are the ones who pay the price in higher premiums and medical expenses. Some are seeing the benefit in health plans that offer more handholding to guide consumers through the experience.

Concierge-type services have been offered for years, but they often were seen as a perk for top-tier clients, a way to help the lucky few avoid the hassle that the typical consumer experiences in the healthcare system. The outlook is changing now that employers are seeing the potential for better care and reduced costs by offering personalized assistance to the rank and file worker. (Healthcaremedia)

Benefits Of Concierge Service’s

  • Detailed Services Request
  • Reduced Productivity Loss
  • Healthier Staff
  • Lower Healthcare Claims
  • HR Dept. Not Loaded With Paperwork

Sounds like something your interested in providing for your employees? Let us help.

Up to 2 million cardiovascular ‘events’ could be averted each year by doing this | American Heart Association

About 2 million cases of heart attack, stroke and heart failure might be prevented each year if U.S. adults had high cardiovascular health as defined by a set of seven metrics, according to a new study.

Even modest improvements in the population’s overall heart health could make a significant dent in the number of cardiovascular disease cases.

These Life’s Simple 7 metrics, which the American Heart Association first identified in 2010, are smoking status, physical activity, weight, diet, blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. Experts say they are the key risk factors people can improve through changes in lifestyle and behavior.

In the new study, researchers assigned scores to 11,696 people who participated in three national health and nutrition surveys from 2011 to 2016. The participants were rated on each metric with 0 for poor, 1 for intermediate or 2 for ideal. Their total scores determined whether they had high, moderate or low cardiovascular health.

The results showed that just 7.3% of the participants reached the highest health scores; 34.2% had a moderate score, and 58.5% had the lowest scores.

Separately, researchers used data from 30,477 people in seven community-based studies to estimate the rates of heart disease, stroke and heart failure cases that occur in each of the three health score categories.

“We wanted to put some kind of number on how many cardiovascular disease events we can prevent” if Americans improved their scores, said Joshua Bundy, an epidemiologist at Tulane University in New Orleans. He led the study, published Thursday in the Journal of the American Heart Association.
— Read on www.heart.org/en/news/2021/03/25/up-to-2-million-cardiovascular-events-could-be-averted-each-year-by-doing-this

If Sex Is Painful This May Be One Of The Reasons.

Sometimes women say things like it was so painful but maybe in a good way because it was so enjoyable and most of the time it’s not painful, but if every time you and your partner have sex it’s painful then maybe you need to consult with your doctor.

I looked up the topic to see what I could find because I’ve been told this by a couple of clients and decided to look into some of the different things that it could be.

According to a article in the Health magazine these are a couple of reasons for painful sex.

Vaginal dryness

One reason you might feel pain as a partner puts their penis, fingers, or a sex toy into your vagina is because there’s not enough natural or synthetic lubricant. Vaginas get dryer for several reasons, though one of the most common is menopause. “When someone goes through menopause the vaginal tissue gets thin and sensitive, their labia decrease in size, their vagina feels tighter and dryer,” Nicole Bullock, DO, FACOG, an OB/GYN with Abilene Physician Group in Texas, tells Health. “Inserting anything vaginally is going to become an issue.”

Other reasons someone might have dryness in their vagina is because they’ve started a new birth control that affects their estrogen levels, because they’re breast feeding, or because of certain cancer treatments.

What can help: If you’re dry because of menopause or breast feeding, try over-the-counter vaginal moisturizers (“yes, just like using facial moisturizers”), Mary Jane Minkin, MD, FACOG, Clinical Professor of Obstetrics at Yale University School of Medicine tells Health. If those don’t work, try an internal vaginal moisturizer that includes some estrogen. Talk to your doctor about trying a new birth control if you think that’s contributing. And, of course, lube is a vaginal dryness remedy that makes sex better at any age.


Yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infections, and sexually transmitted infections are some of the most common causes of pain during sex, according to Dr. Gupta. Infections typically cause some swelling and inflammation in the vagina, which can make sex very uncomfortable. If you have a strange vaginal discharge; your vulva is itchy, swollen, or uncomfortable; or you have pain when you pee, check in with a doctor.

What can help: Vaginal infections can usually be treated with over-the-counter medicines or antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.


Vaginismus is a little-known condition that causes vaginal muscles to clench and tighten, especially when someone tries to put anything inside — a penis, sex toy, or even a tampon. Sometimes, the muscles spasms characteristic of vaginismus can be related to past sexual abuse or trauma or emotions around sex like fear and shame, Dr. Minkin says. But other times vaginismus happens even without past trauma or after having worked through trauma in therapy.

— Read on www.health.com/sex/painful-sex

If you need assistance navigating healthcare services and finding a healthcare professional that meets your qualifications we can help.

Mucus plug: what it looks like and how long until labour starts

What you need to know about losing your mucus plug during pregnancy
How long after losing your mucus plug do you go into labour? Dr Louise Wiseman answers your questions.
By Dr Louise Wiseman MBBS, BSc (Hons), DRCOG, MRCGP
RidofranzGetty Images
If you’re preparing for the arrival of a new baby you might have lots of unanswered questions to consider, such as what is a mucus plug and what is a bloody show? And if you think you might have lost your mucus plug, should you head to the hospital.

Your mucus plug protects the cervical canal during pregnancy, and losing your mucus plug can be a early sign of labour, but not always. Dr Louise Wiseman answers your most common questions about the mucus plug, so you know when to relax and when to grab your birthing bag and hotfoot it to the maternity hospital:

What exactly is the mucus plug?
When a woman is pregnant, the cervix secretes a thick jelly-like substance to protect the labour canal and keep it moist. Because the cervix is closed, this fluid seals the area closed and forms what is called the mucus plug. The baby is protected in pregnancy by the amniotic sac and the plug provides an extra barrier of protection. It protects the baby from any infection or bacteria coming up the mother’s reproductive tract.
— Read on www.netdoctor.co.uk/parenting/pregnancy-birth/a35614413/mucus-plug/