How Healthcare Providers Are Looking to Improve Customer Experience

By Phil Britt

Healthcare providers are exploring different ways to improve customer — in this case, patient — experience, to make different aspects of planning and receiving treatment more convenient. These efforts are providing unexpected internal benefits as well, said Greg Poffenroth, director of customer experience at West Monroe Partners.

Bringing the Retail Experience to Healthcare

Depending on a patient’s healthcare needs, a visit to a provider might be for a quick checkup, extensive care or something in between. The “customer journey” extends from the initial search for care through patient billing, payment and follow-up, each of which can be daunting in their own way, especially if they are in disconnected silos.

Influence Health is a vendor of CX-related technologies geared at healthcare providers, including a CRM system, authoritative health content, appointment systems and related details.

Patients are starting to expect healthcare providers to offer digital solutions like the retail and travel industries, said Kyra Hagan, Influence Health senior vice president of marketing and communications.

Like those industries, patients of healthcare providers using the Influence Health system can see ratings of different providers within a healthcare system. Those ratings combine external and internal data, Hagan said.

The technology also aids patients in selecting providers based not only on preferences (time of day, languages spoken, years of experience, etc.), but will also offer alternatives (a provider meeting fewer of the criteria) for more timely appointments, which can be critical when someone requires urgent care rather than seeing a preferred caretaker.

The suite includes driving directions, parking details and geotargeting with targeted SMS messages once a patient comes within the geofenced area to offer additional parking assistance and step-by-step directions.

“We want to lower the barrier to entry to receive care,” Hogan says.

Source: How Healthcare Providers Are Looking to Improve Customer Experience

Why the Most Important Rainmaker in Your Law Firm is the Person Who Answers the Phone.

Take a look at this recent Google infographic on legal market trends:

Why the Most Important Rainmaker in Your Law Firm is the Person Who Answers the Phone

If there is one thing that stands out about this research, it’s this: 72% of prospects contact attorneys via phone.  This is why the most important person in your law firm is the person who answers your phone!

That’s because people who have a problem large enough to require legal help want answers right away. They want to speak with someone who cares about their problem. They want a solution to make the problem go away.

Before making my presentation during a National Trial Lawyers Summit a couple of years ago, I had my staff call each of the 126 of the firms that would be attending the Summit.  We created a fictitious legal problem and then recorded what the person answering the phone said to our callers. I shared these results during my talk:

  • Only 40 of the 126 firms identified the name of the firm when we called.  The rest answered, ”Law Office” or “Law Firm”.
  • 70% did not ask our staff for any contact information
  • 90 firms left our staff on hold for at least two minutes
  • When our staff left their contact information for a call back, 52% of the firms never called back
  • When our staff asked for the firm’s website address, 33% misspelled it
  • When our staff asked why they should hire the firm, the responses were:
    • 23%  “We have a lot of experience”
    • 21%  “We care about our clients”
    • 17%   “I’m not sure”

Other interesting responses ranged from “I’m not at liberty to say” (intake person) to a partner who remarked, “I’m not going to say why we are different!”

 Most of you do not have a proper lead conversion process in place that begins when someone calls and your staff is poorly trained to boot!© The Rainmaker Institute, All Rights Reserved

Source: Why the Most Important Rainmaker in Your Law Firm is the Person Who Answers the Phone