Mental Health/Billing

Your Mental Health Wellbeing, Is Our Greatest Concern…

Healthcare consumers waste and enormous amount of money each year on unused healthcare. The estimated waste is at least $760 billion per year. That’s comparable to government spending on Medicare and exceeds national military spending, as well as total primary and secondary education spending. Getting the most from your healthcare insurance is important, Don’t leave anything to chance. (The New York Times)

How We Can Help?

Mental Health Assessment/Referral

We are able to help children, adolescents, adults and seniors get back on their feet. We are able to provide simple assessments and referrals to some of the best mental health inpatient and outpatient facilities.

Appeals & Denials

Insurance company didn’t approve your claim, medical mistake now you need legal assistance, why some of your days were not approved. We will find out what happen and provide you with information that you can understand.


We are here to help you understand extremely large medical bills that may be a result of errors due to coding issues and help eliminate are reduce them. We can contact your insurance provider to get an estimate of what your deductible is for certain procedures and if they are covered.

Having someone on your side who has experience in negotiating, advocating and resolving major issues is a win win for you.

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