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Utilization Management

Healthcare consumers waste and enormous amount of money each year on unused healthcare. The estimated waste is at least $760 billion per year. That’s comparable to government spending on Medicare and exceeds national military spending, as well as total primary and secondary education spending. Getting the most from your healthcare insurance is important, Don’t leave anything to chance. (The New York Times)

How We Can Help?

Insurance Navigation

We will help you locate insurance provider, understand your insurance, assist with filing health insurance claims, understand your healthcare rights, what’s covered what’s not.

Appeals & Denials

We are here to help with assisting with disputing insurance denials, appeals, legal assistance after medical error, extended stay in mental health facilities.


We are here to help you understand that bill that has caught you by surprise, and either dispute it or negotiate a more appropriate amount due, find affordable prescription medication and much more.

Providing utilization services remotely .