When your abuser is a cop: Domestic violence involving police leaves ‘no margin for error’ – al.com

Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputy Donald Steven Fanning was found guilty of domestic violence by strangulation in Feb. 2012. That same month he was fired from his position. But it wasn’t until 2016 that he was decertified, or prevented from ever serving as a police officer again.

“He then grabbed me by my hair on both sides slammed me into door and repeated knocking my head into door…He got on me and had one hand on my throat and one hand pulled back like he was going to hit me and said ’I will f****** kill you myself then I wouldn’t have to worry about you anymore,’” the victim wrote in her voluntary statement to police, in wide, sloping child-like handwriting.
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Information for Teens and Young Adults: What are warning signs of abuse in teenage and young adult relationships? | WomensLaw.org

Many people of all ages don’t recognize that they are in an abusive relationship. We have a checklist of abusive behavior for people of all ages on our Signs of Abuse page. Below are some warning signs of teen and young adult dating violence specifically. Does your partner:
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Know The Signs.

I was having general conversation with some teens and a couple of young adults about what they were doing this summer, and surprisingly the majority of the young girls responded whatever my boyfriend wants to do an likewise with the teen boys. I said so that’s kind of funny because your so young and you make it sound like your married and your partner controls whatever happens in the relationship. So I did some research and found this video, because we know that young people think anything a person over the age of 25 tell them is old people information.

Knowing The Signs

  • Excessive jealousy.
  • Constant checking in with you or making you check in with him or her.
  • Attempts to isolate you from friends and family.
  • Insulting or putting down people that you care about.
  • Is too serious about the relationship too quickly.
  • Has had a lot of bad prior relationships – and blames all of the problems on the previous partners.
  • Is very controlling. This may include giving you orders, telling you what to wear, and trying to make all of the decisions for you.
  • Blames you when he or she treats you badly by telling you all of the ways you provoked him or her.
  • Does not take responsibility for own action

If your dating someone and they are showing any of these signs, immediately tell your parents and end the relationship.