Black Maternal Health, What Does It Mean?

What is Maternal Health? According to dictionary, Maternal health is the health of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. It encompasses the health care dimensions of family planning, preconception, prenatal, and postnatal care in order to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality.  What is Black Maternal Health? The United States has the worst maternalContinue reading “Black Maternal Health, What Does It Mean?”

What Postpartum Care Looks Like, How the U.S. Compares.

Most people assume when a woman has a baby it over and she comes home with her baby and life moves on. Well that’s not exactly how it happens, yes she does come home with her baby but she also starts having different emotional issues that are sometimes called baby blues but could also beContinue reading “What Postpartum Care Looks Like, How the U.S. Compares.”